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    On projects involving clients with whom no prior work history exists between Greenwich Management Group, Inc. (GMG), Stephen Felsobuki Nagy or a key member of the engagement team, we will gladly provide references at the point of contract agreement.

    We attest to our credentials by citing below high quality project executions from Steve's detailed resume.

    In recent years, GMG has pursued several entrepreneur support  and mentoring activities in health care services, marketing, media and alternative energy; three long term relationships are illustrative:

    <Through a GMG contract, Steve served for three years as R&D to revenue stage transition CEO of Avalence, LLC, an electrolysis hydrogen fuel technology company and is a significant owner and member of the Board of Managers
    <Through GMG, Steve has advised and invested in the formation of Community Veterinary Partners (a "second time around" business build for him)
    <Steve is a founding and long time advisor of high return Hungary based regional venture capital firm iEurope Capital Partners

    Steve played senior leadership roles in several portfolio company developments during his Foster Management Company related tenure between 1980 and 2000. Ten examples follow:

    syndicated profitable investment into American Healthcorp (hospitals and diabetic clinics); responsible partner at Foster Management Company
    • developed the industry leading home health care and medical supply businesses of Foster Medical Corp.; served as Director and President and co-led IPO and secondary offerings as well as $250 million high return sale by Foster Management to Avon Products, Inc.
    • $200 million acquisition of publicly traded Mediplex Group, Inc., an  operator of
    high-ended nursing homes and psychiatric rehabilitation facilities; oversight as EVP of Avon
    • acquisition and expansion of Retirement Inns of America; oversight as EVP of Avon
    • strategic direction and initial acquisitions of outpatient sports and physical therapists Rehab Clinics, Inc., subsequently profitably acquired by NovaCare, Inc.; oversight as senior partner at Foster Management
    • managing director and launch CEO for Rehabilitation Hospital Corp., which was also profitably merged into NovaCare, Inc.
    • managing director, launch CEO and chairman of #2 The Pet Practice, Inc., taken public, then merged into #1 Veterinary Centers of America, Inc. with high returns
    • managing director and CEO of retail chain Hearing Health Services, Inc., later sold profitably
    managing director, launch CEO and chairman of Valley Forge Dental Associates, profitably merged into publicly traded Monarch Dental Corp.
    • managing director, launch CEO and chairman of Access Worldwide Communications, a marketing resource for healthcare companies, taken through an IPO with return of basis and subsequent stock distribution for profits

    Five high impact Booz, Allen and Hamilton phase projects Steve led during the 1970s include:

    • the precedent setting introduction to the US of a Japanese pharmaceutical firm’s best of breed fermentation technology, including a plant in the Carolinas
    • targeting a strategic investor into a very high return biotechnology investment
    • industry support in the passage of the Toxic Substances Control Act
    • global assessment of the nuclear power industry and implemented strategy by an energy major 
    • commercialization of mandated auto exhaust purifiers, for an auto major and its core suppliers

    Most of these  projects required marshalling of complex teams and resources and abiding by the Values enunciated on our Home Page.


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