Greenwich Management Group, Inc.


"We are business mentors in a stormy and volatile environment where financing and growth are hard to come by..."

Greenwich Management Group, Inc. (GMG) is a deeply experienced venture and corporate development firm. GMG draws upon the over forty year serial business building experience of founder Stephen Felsobuki Nagy.

Steve is available for Board Service, individual advisory work, or collaborative projects involving his network of resources.

In order to best utilize historical experience, GMG tends to focus on middle market and earlier stage business building challenges in the following industries:

<Health Care and Consumer Services
<Sales, Marketing and Distribution
<Alternative Energy

Our Values
Greenwich Management Group pursues beliefs and disciplines that include:

<Ethical conduct and fairness
<Respect for each stakeholder
<Flexible plans with contingencies
<Fast analysis based decisiveness
<Strong leadership and board
<Good communications
<Cross-border collaborations
<Well documented contracts
<Financing flexibility protected
<Value adding capital sources
<Driving critical mass fast
<Internal growth with strong controls
<Well diligenced M&A projects
<"Every CEO must have a strong CFO"

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